GHHN Long Term Care Collaborative


GHHN Long Term Care Collaborative

We are a group of dedicated physicians, health care organizations and community leaders working together to:

Focus on Long-term Care homes in Hamilton and part of the GHHN

  • Continuous learning for a collaborative standard of care
  • Culture change and service optimization
  • Connecting Care Act, 2019
  • Ethical and sustainable governance
  • Renewed sense of system stewardship

Resident Centeredness

  • Frailty, loneliness, autonomy, choice, healing
  • Life plan vs. medical plan, individualization, comprehensive palliative care
  • Engaging and continuous relationships – staff, community members, learners, etc.

System Integration

  • How hospitals, LTC homes, and HCCSS operate bidirectionally
    The hospital-LTC relationship, current models, learning and relationships from pandemic
  • Collaborative academic practice – learning about LTC IN LTC
  • Resident dining experience
  • Optimized nutrition, modern food system, sustainability (*The HFHT Green Initiative)
  • Chronic disease stabilization / reversal
  • Choice, timing, dialogue vs. posted menu



Brian J. McKenna, MD, DABFM, CCFP

  • Family Physician, Hamilton Family Health Team & Grace Villa Long-Term Care
  • Associate Medical Staff (Maternal-Child), St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton
  • Assistant Clinical Professor (Adjunct), Department of Family Medicine, McMaster University

Holly Odoardi, RN, BScN

Senior Administrator Macassa and Wentworth Lodges



Brian McKenna

St. Joseph’s Healthcare Hamilton, Hamilton Family Health Team

Holly Odoardi

Senior Administrator Macassa and Wentworth Lodges

Melissa McCallum

Greater Hamilton Health Network

Megan Lynch

Greater Hamilton Health Network

Kathy Brown

Director Home and Community Care Support Services

Renee Guder

Senior Administrator Thrive Group

Dr. Sammy Winemaker

Family Medicine, Community-based Palliative Care Doctor

Dr. Erin Gallagher

Family Medicine, Palliative Care Consultant

Dr. Hugh Boyd

St Joseph’s Villa

Dr. Tammy Packer

Chief of Family Medicine SJHH and HHS

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